Jonas Hartz - Creative advisor and director, Hz

Where to go?

Bornholm. I go there every year. I have a friend who lives in Østermarie throughout the year, and I stay with him. Some days people drop by, some days I’m enjoying the peacefulness of the place.

What to do?

Watch the sun come up and the sun come down. Recently, I bought an old BMW 2800 from 1971, and she’s gonna take me on day trips around the island. The car is made for the blue roads.

Where to eat?

I’m good friend with the team at Kadeau, and I always visit them for lunch at least once at their glorious restaurant in Pedersker. There’s an open invitation for friends who are on Bornholm to join me. Apart from Kadeau, I eat lots of mackerel and asparagus. It’s almost too easy in the summer, you can eat everything.

What to drink?

Organic wine. Quenching and orange, it’s like soda for grownups. The stranger the better. I like when the wine has personality. There are so many new producers making wine, not all of it is good – but when it’s good it’s really good. You have to know your pusher. In Copenhagen my go to guys are Lieu Dit, Rosforth og Rosforth and Pétillant. The best wine bar in Copenhagen is Ved Stranden 10.

What to read?

I still haven’t finished the Herbie Hancock biography, I need to do that. And then something short. I like poetry.

What to wear?

Birkenstock and football shorts. And a sun hat.

Where to swim?

In Kattegat. On Bornholm it’s all about following the locals to the secret spots. Opalsøen is not that secret, but I’m definitely going for a swim there.

What to listen to?

I’ve set up a dogma for myself. Since my car is from 1971, I’m only allowed to listen to music from that year when I’m driving. And 1971 was a really, really good year. Black Sabbath released ’Master of Reality’. Led Zeppelin ‘IV’. Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’, Miles Davis ‘Tribute to Jack Johnson’, David Bowie ‘Hunky Dory’, Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’, The Who ‘Who’s Next’, Sly and the Family Stone ‘There’s a Riot Going On’, The Doors ’La Woman’, And last year the ‘Live from Copenhagen 1971’ by Johnny Cash was released. So much good stuff it’s unreal.

What to avoid?

It’s very cliché, but summer is all about avoiding the screen. Our devices are poison for our souls. Everybody has to have a vice, but one should not be addicted to anything. The great thing about Bornholm is the rather poor coverage.

Most important difference between holiday and every day life?

Our daily life is very planned out day by day, where our holidays become longer narratives. The red dots we connect become longer stretches, allowing another beat to take over. Holiday is something about opening our senses to discovering things in a new way. In my every day life I still read, think, write and plan, but in my holiday I have a more intuitive approach to it.

What’s waiting on the other side of the holiday?

I actually like when the wheels start turning again. That people plug back in. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. We meet it with new energy, a new heartbeat. Our desire to produce, create and deliver comes back in a big way.