Chris Pedersen - TV host, 39

Where to go?
This past year I have travelled a lot. Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Brazil, France, UK, Holland and tons of other places and basically I just want to stay in Denmark, explore the countryside and be with my friends and family. For the first time I’ve rented a summerhouse in Kerteminde, where I was born, and I’m really looking forward to hanging out there; A beer by the harbour, dinner at Rudolf Mathis, an ice cream cone at Vaffelhuset and fresh fish directly from the fisher men, who I know from my childhood. I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also hanging out in Tisvilde, maybe Skagen, Fejø, and just before I return to work I’m looking forward to Trailerpark Festival. I love that festival.

What to do?
Summer is for hanging out with friends and loved ones. Also, it’s a time for not having a lot of plans. You know just waking up in the morning and finding out whether the sun is shining or it’s raining. If the sun is shining then find some friends to hang out with. Jump on the bike, find a spot to drink rose, chat and flirt with strangers. If it’s raining I’ll stay inside and read books. I have a whole bunch lying on my coffee table by Michel Houellebecq, Kirsten Thorup, Harper Lee and Henrik Pontoppidan which I’m looking forward to reading. Also I have a bunch of podcasts I’m looking forward to experiencing. I love Lore, Millenials and 99% Invisible.

Event wise, I’m also looking forward to Copenhagen Pride in August. It’s such an important event, which always makes me happy. To wrap up the summer I’m looking very much forward to Chart Art Fair. In just a few years the fair has become one of my favourite events in the Copenhagen summer.

What to eat?
Watermelon, salted cashews and shrimps.

What to drink?
Aperol Spritz, that blue beer they serve at Dyrehaven and cold white wine. Oh, and a bit of water of course.Lot’s of that.

What to wear?
Black shorts. Really short. And white linen shirts. Birkenstocks and always a bucket hat. I’m bald so that’s really necessary.

Where to swim?
The harbour,

What or who to avoid?
To many plans.

What to listen to?
I listen to a lot of serial podcast during the summer. Last year I listened a lot to Radio24syv’s documentary series, P1 Reportage, and a lot of American podcasts. And Madonna. Right now I listen to Borderline all the time. And then I love Flatline an two year old single from Sugarbabes.

What not to run out of?
Sun lotion and literature.

Phone on or off?
Off. When possible.

Most important difference between holiday and every day life?
My work life is extremely busy and very linked to my calendars. When I’m of I don’t want a lot of plans. I try to see what I feel like and then react to that. Summer is the time just to hang out with people. You know, biking around, seeing an old friend and spend the day with him or her. Eating at a random restaurant, it could be Frederik Bille Brahe’s new ’Havfruen’ in Nyhavn) taking a swim, ending at some random party. I like that.

The best ice cream?
Cookies and cream!

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