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My favourite place in Copenhagen is Griffenfeldsgade in Nørrebro. I live very close by and the street has become my go-to spot for almost everything I do.

Griffenfeldsgade is a mottled and messy street with room enough for everyone. It’s slowly progressing but faithfully remaining loyal to the way it’s always been. You’ll find African restaurants, architect studios and barbershops side by side with cafes and bars.

I guess it started when Cafe Auto opened about a year ago. I’ve always used the street for passage but I never stopped because the lack of spots to hang out in. That’s changed now. I’ve been through the entire menu and wine menu in each and every cafe a bunch of times already. And since Fætter Fætter opened and started selling toasts it’s only become better.

I live a wonderful freelance life with odd hours, which means that I can be found in Griffenfeldsgade both during the week and on the weekends. Wine in the afternoon, breakfast in the morning, a quick lunch break, Griffenfeldsgade has everything on offer. And now Trabibar has opened. I heard their focus is beer, vodka and rock music – what’s not to like?

I walk a lot. My legs are my preferred means of transport. Everywhere I go, I walk. And on my way to and from the city, my route now always leads me through Griffenfeldsgade.

Griffenfeldsgade attracts so many regulars. The hipsters from around the corner, the urbanites from the city center, the Ethiopians, the fitness maniacs from the crossfit lab, the alcoholics from Folkets Park. It’s just an embracing oasis with an authentic feel.