Don’t be sad because the calendar is now reading September. Even though the occasional swim in the harbour is only going to get colder and the outdoor cafe visits require a coat and a blanket, there is still plenty to be happy about. As you’ve hopefully come to expect we are back at it with the best handfull of all the things you should be doing this month. Oh, and we strongly encourage that you go get a last ice-cream at Siciliansk Is before they shut down for the winter. Here goes!

Aarhus knows how to party
Let’s kick it of in Aarhus this time. As per usual the city turns into a week of celebration during the first week of September. This means a city-wide fairground with everything culture. Among the many events are free concerts, city walks conducted by locals and tons of special exhibitions in collaboration with Aros. This particular week, every day feels like the weekend and is treated as such. We can’t think of a better time to visit the City of Smiles.

Aarhus Festuge
26th of August - 4th of September
Multiple locations in Central Aarhus
8000 Aarhus C

Go see a play
As the rest of the literature lovers, we were in awe when Kaspar Colling Nielsen dropped his second book, Den Danske Borgerkrig, back in 2013. Now the written pages are due a dramatic realization and it’s going down on Nørrebro Teater. We’re happy to see the work of one of the best Danish writers of our time make it to the stage this soon. If the play is just half as good as the book, then you are in for a treat.

Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018 - 24
10th of September - 22nd of October
Nørrebro Teater, Ravnsborggade 3
2200 Copenhagen N

The contemporary genius
Louisiana is hitting the pause button with a retrospective look on Daniel Richters already impressive career. The German is widely regarded as one of the most important artists of our generation and this solo exhibition on Louisiana emphasizes his meteoric rise. Go see Richter for his dramatic and expressive paintings and his unique way of portraying people of all places.

Daniel Richter
8th of September - 8th of January 2017
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Stranvej 13
3050 Humlebæk

Fresh fish and sea creatures
It seems that every month sees multiple great new restaurants pop up in Copenhagen. We are not complaining. The masterplan is to visit at least two of these newcomers during September. Both opened by seasoned culinary veterans with great track records.

First up is Admiralgade 26. Named after the address on which it’s located, this is the restaurant appendix to the amazing bar and winery Ved Stranden 10. Ah, we see a pattern in the name game. No matter when hunger strikes, this joint will have you covered. Serving breakfast from 8 in the morning and dinner until midnight, the menu is dominated with delicious fish dishes – pickled fish for dinner anyone?

Restaurant Admiralgade 26
Admiralgade 26
1066 Copenhagen K

A new mermaid in town
Not far away, at touristy Nyhavn to be precise, is Frederik Bille Brahes newest venture. In the most unlikely of places, the chef best known for Atelier September and Avocado on Rye has set up shop in the old and illustrious Restaurant Havfruen. The decor and the name is intact, but the food is a minor revolution compared that of its neighbors. If he can create the coolest cafe in Copenhagen, we trust he is up to the big task of serving great food in Nyhavn. We can’t wait to visit the old smoky den, turned gourmet restaurant.

Restaurant Havfruen
Nyhavn 39
1051 Copenhagen K

It might get loud
The late and legendary Vega Natklub is back for one last dance. As the venue Vega celebrates its 20th birthday, they’ve turned back the clock and revived the nightclub that was the best in Copenhagen in its heyday. Vega Natklub used to keep Copenhagen dancing weekend after weekend in the late 90s and 00s until the organizers pulled the plug a few years back. Our good friend and brilliant DJ Djuna Barnes is behind the decks alongside Tue Track and others. Bring your dancing shoes!

Folkets Fest - 20 års mixtape
3rd of September
Lille Vega, Enghavevej 40
1674 Copenhagen V