If you’re a Copenhagener, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that June starts of with a bang, burning in the hands of Distortion, then spends the following days rising from the ashes. If rowdy street partying is not really your thing, fear not; we got plenty of superior alternatives for you to indulge in. Happy June and happy reading.

A New Breed
Last year saw the inaugural Heartland Festival. Beautifully set in the picturesque surroundings of Egeskov Slot in Southern Funen, this newcomer to the congested Danish festival-scene has already separated itself from the pack. The main pillars are music, art, science and food in various shapes and forms. Heartland is one of the most original approaches to a festival we’ve seen in years, and hopefully it’s here to stay. And this year, Mads Nørgaard himself is part of the talks programme.

Heartland Festival
June 2nd - 4th
Egeskov Slot

Go North
Keeping up with the cultural theme, our very own superstar painter Tal R is currently on show at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Academy of Tal R, as the exhibition is called, is a vast career retrospect in the wake of the artist turning 50. His bold works, cleverly depicting the world seen through an extraordinary set of eyes, are a rare thing to occur. Remember to also have a look at Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen’s capsule collection made in collaboration with and as an ode to Tal R.

Academy of Tal R
From May 20th
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Beyond the Concrete Blocks
Solitude is also available in Copenhagen. Last month, we recommended a bike ride to a tugboat-turned-coffee-spot in the newer parts of Sydhavnen. In the immediate vicinity is another hidden gem by the name of Enghave Brygge Bar. Nestled in the long shadows of the nearby powerplant, the small waterside hangout is an unlikely summer favorite. The secluded location and brilliant atmosphere is well worth the bike or boat ride and serves as a reminder to wander off the beaten path now and then. Have a bear, a laugh and a dip. The three makings of a perfect summer.

Enghave Brygge Bar
Tømmergravsgade 30z
2450 København S

East of Eden
Art is a tricky subject. And right a now we’re seeing the full range of feelings that it’s able to evoke in us. The artwork in question is the much talked about bright red, real life landscape by the avant-garde German artist Katharina Grosse. Her colorful work in one of Aarhus’ favorite parks has immediately sparked a massive debate about art in public spaces.

Whether you’re a fan or not, this tabernacle serves as a great example of art and its position in modern society. Especially as an instrument for contemplation and a portal for fresh perspective among many other important effects. The Garden is a controversial piece of art, catapulted into a future cultural point of reference. That alone is actually reason enough to go see the bloody red slice of nature before it’s to late.

Dubbed The Past, The Present and The Future, The Garden is made up of three different installations throughout both Aros and Aarhus. The aforementioned controversy is part of The Future.

The Garden
- End of times: Beginning of time
From June 3rd
Aros and various locations in Aarhus