It’s July and you’re probably coming down from a hefty experience at Roskilde Festival. If that’s the case, then you pretty much have your July sorted: 1 week of madness, 3 weeks of recovery. Fear not, we got everything sorted to get you back to life. If you happen to be stuck in Copenhagen over the summer, don’t feel blue. Instead enjoy that your favorite hangout is pretty much empty for an entire month.

Trailerpark Festival
Trailerpark Festival is a brilliant, smallish festival smack in the middle of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Feast on your favourite restaurant or drown in one or two cocktails before you head over to Trailerpark. Besides music, Trailerpark Festival have also branched out to Trailerpark I/O, a tech symposium about art and talks on the future of the world we live in. Exciting times indeed. Remember to go watch the likes of Velvet Volume, Gold Panda and Chinah.

Trailerpark Festival
28th - 30th of July
At Copenhagen Skatepark, Enghavevej 80
2450 Copenhagen SV

Nectar of the Gods
Copenhagen now officially has some of the world’s best cocktails. Two local hangouts just made it on to the top 10 at the prestigious Tales of the Cocktail award show. Ruby and Strøm that is. We feel that the Copenhagen cocktail scene is among the elite and the two now-illustrious bars are just a few among many amazing places in the Danish capital. If you end up at Ruby, go for the Green Bees and at Strøm, a good choice is The Godfather. Thank us later.

Nybrogade 10
1203 Copenhagen K

Strøm Bar
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 32
1154 Copenhagen K

Photography Masterclass
If Copenhagen is not the place to spend July, maybe Aarhus is the answer. The travel guide darling to the west is filled to the brink with amazing restaurants, bars and independent shops. And Aarhus is also home to one on the best museums in the entire kingdom, Aros. The upcoming exhibition is by none other than Robert Mapplethorpe, one of the greatest photographers in the past century. His estate and Aros will show an extensive variety of prominent works that are well worth the trip to the mainland capital.

Robert Mapplethorpe
On the Edge
Aros, 17th of June - 30th of October

Eat, Drink, Repeat
It’s all going south. First, Taller brought Venezuela to Copenhagen, then Taller’s pop-up tenant La Arepera went, and now El Nacional is going. El Nacional promises to take you on a tasty trip to various South American kitchens such as the Peruvian and Venezuelan. Cocktails are regional as well, which means plenty of Mescal and Pisco. Sure sounds enticing.

In other yummy news, Kadeau is going cantina. The truly brilliant guys behind the Kadeau-family is at it again. This time with a more casual approach to great food. The name is Honey and from the 1st of July you’ll be able to indulge in simple food done right. That’s simply a fact when the Kadeau boys is behind the wheel. The dessert menu leaves you with only one choice; homemade softice. Expect more Honeys to appear elsewhere in the city in the future.

El Nacional
Antonigade 8
1106 Copenhagen K

Adelgade 12
1304 Copenhagen K