The knit with the orange zipper

The knit with the orange zipper

At Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen we have a deep love for fashion and the changing times. However we also find that the western world is moving a little too fast. 
Our foundation is a core of fashionable classics and we build our collections around said core. 

One of these classics is our interpretation of the Danish sailor knit. We call it 'Klemens' and it has been a part of our collections since Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen was established.

"To me, the sailor sweater is a classic that I grew up in - but in my childhood they were always too small and damp and wet, as far as I remember - so when we created' Klemens 'in our collections it was to' re-claim the Danish evergreen.
'Klemens' has always been in our collections, and we welcome it every fall when the year is coming to an end." - Mads Nørgaard

This season we have brought back the neon-coloured zipper. Our 'Klemens' knit is made 100% lambs wool.

Find the knits HERE.