The Favorite Journal - Mads

The Favorite Journal - Mads

This month we introduce the final Favorite Journal with Mads Nørgaard wearing his all time favorite knit - the Klemens knit with zip in navy. Mads takes us to his favourite spot in town, the art gallery Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art.  

Mads founded Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen in 1986 - starting as a menswear brand with a shop next to his father’s on Strøget, and since then evolving to a clothing brand dressing all gender and ages. 

Mads loves culture and history and has always found inspiration across the artistic spectrum inviting art, music and literature inside his fashion house. 

Find 'Klemens' HERE.


Tell us about the exhibition space Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art. 

In my opinion Den Frie is one of the most iconic exhibition spaces in town. The building is designed by the Danish artist, J. F. Willumsen, and was established in 1898 as an extension of the big liberation movement in the arts, which resulted in Salon des Refusées and the impressionists in Paris as well as the incredible Secession in Vienna. Den Frie was renovated a few years back and the basement was turned into a café, a library and exhibition space. 

And the artistic level is always high, whether the exhibitions are historical or contemporary, if grants are awarded or if it is CHART visiting. 



What is the story of the Klemens knit and why is it a favorite style of yours?

I love my job and I love fashion and how habits and needs change over time - but sometimes I think it all goes a little too fast. Therefore we always work with ‘anchors’ in our collections; some themes and styles that keep us on track and force the pace to go slightly slower - e.g stripes and workwear. 

The Klemens knit is one of the dearest of these anchors - since I was a child I have always worn sailor knits and I am proud of our version: in 100% wool and with a modern and updated fit.