The Favorite Journal - Frederik

The Favorite Journal - Frederik

This month we explore the classic sailor knit “Klemens” in classic surroundings, as our mens wear designer Frederik Berner Kühl shows his favorite place in Copenhagen. 

Frederik graduated from Polimoda in Florence and has been a part of the design team at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen for the past two years.  

Tell us about you work as mens wear designer at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen. 

When you work as a designer at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen the collections you create need to embrace a broad audience. We have to reach most men in all ages and that combination adds a risk of ending up with a fragmented collection, as you want to satisfy every need. My greatest task is to create a coherent collection but also to welcome the “randomness” that often has defined the collections at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen. Furthermore the ambition is that every single product stands strong by itself. A broad product does not necessarily mean a less ambitious product.  

What defines the Favourite line and why is the “Klemens" knit your favourite product? 

The Favourite line is our approach to a basic product that we find useable for all men. Favorite dictates a frame, which clearly indicates something simple and useful. Inside that frame we try to create the very best and most common pieces of clothing that can be a part of all of wardrobes. Klemens is a sailor knit in 100% wool and a brilliant example of the good product. Something you live with, that stays with you and that is indisputable quality. You do not think about the fact that you own it, but you always end up wearing it. 

Why have you taken us to The Royal Danish Theatre? 

I have always spent a lot of time at The Royal Danish Theatre, but more behind than in front of the stage. My mother has been a part of the theatre for 15 years and when I was younger I always stopped by her office to say hi whenever I was in the city. The building exudes something grandiose from a bygone era. Today does not seem as a time for embracing the grandiose, so this is my way of going back and feel something that is still unaffected by time and trends. I like the idea of having the confidence to stand alone if needed.