The Champ For the Women Deliver 2016 Conference we have created a jacket in collaboration with Gender Sociologist, and wife of Mads Nørgaard, Cecilie Nørgaard from Mangfold and Majken Gilmartin from Eir Soccer.  

The conference is the world’s largest conference on health, rights and well-being on girls and women.
Women Deliver believes that when the world invests in girls and women, everybody wins.

We couldn’t agree more, and we are proud to contribute to the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen in May 2016.

By merging the power of sport and the aesthetics of fashion, we have created a jacket to symbolize the universal empowerment of girls and women. Inspired by the robe worn by boxers before a big fight the jacket is made in black satin with a jersey lining. The symbols on the jacket’s sleeves and hoodie are inspired by the original symbols of gender, interpreted in new ways to welcome diversity.

The number five on the back of the jacket is directly linked to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in which goal number five is about gender equality. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals is joined by all countries within the UN.

The jacket will be sold exclusively in Nørgaard Paa Strøget and in our webshop from May 9th, 2016 with a price tag of 999 DKK.

About the participants:
In Mangfold Cecilie Nørgaard disseminates knowledge on gender and diversity through versatile scientific and creative approaches. She is determined to integrate research-based gender perspectives in education and in culture in general.
Learn more:

The promise of Eir Soccer is to embrace all competitive, playful and recreational aspects of soccer. Eir Soccer is committed to raising awareness of gender equality and access to all thorugh soccer. Learn more:

Danish brand Mads Norgaard - Copenhagen has a deep love for fashion and art. Mads Norgaard – Copenhagen take base in a core of fashionable classics and build collections around that core. Learn more:

Women Deliver 2016 takes place from May 16-19, 2016, in Copenhagen.