Team Nørgaard Christmas Guide - Marcus Rømer

Team Nørgaard Christmas Guide - Marcus Rømer

We have a soft spot for soft presents and have asked some of our colleagues to recommend their december to-do-list and point out three Christmas wishes that might inspire your own wish list or make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

Marcus Rømer, 21 years and sales assistant at Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen mens department at Strøget.  

3 songs on repeat
I listen to so much music, so it's difficult to pick out 3, but here are the ones I listen to the most at the moment.
1. DR. WHOEVER - Aminé
2. Cheers - Anderson .Paak
3. Tyler - Col3trane

3 places to go
Japan! I haven't been there myself yet, but hopefully I am going soon. I am fascinated about almost anything about Japan - their clothing, architecture and their manners.
Porto in Portugal, the city is not touristy and it is just a very beautiful city with delicious and cheap food. 
And then a danish attraction - The museum Louisiana , a classic!

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