In August, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art opens its doors to a major solo exhibition, presenting the work of the artist and architect Susanne Ussing.

Zooming in on selected works in Susanne Ussing’s extensive oeuvre, the exhibition puts her significant contribution to both art and architecture into perspective. Susanne Ussing died in 1998, aged just 57, and her diverse range of sensory, spatial, poetic and political works have never been shown together before.

As some of you will know and remember, Jørgen Nørgaard worked for several years with Susanne Ussing to decorate our stores. Jørgen and Susanne did together several Statue of Liberty's standing in Copenhagen on Stroeget - some of which now stands in Odense - they made 'perkulaen med de små musvitter', the bike window and "Pegasus, the winged horse" in the large window in the store in Frederiksberggade and much more.

All of this amazing and provocative works that attracted attention and provoked at the time.

The exhibition is curated and developed by Carsten Hoff and Dola Bonfils in collaboration with Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. Nørgaard paa Stroeget have contributed financially to the exhibition and we're extremely happy and proud that Susanne now get such a beautiful exhibition of her life and work.