From the early mornings to the long afternoons and well in to the dark nights. Running keeps us awake and alive, constantly nurturing our brains with fresh thoughts, grand ideas and a hunger for more. We do not run against the clock, nor do we run to go faster. We run to brighten our minds and fuel the free thinking that inevitably happens when the asphalt disappears under our feet and the city lights pass by one after the other.

In connection with the launch of our most recent collaboration, running apparel created together with the great team at Saysky, we have asked three avid runners about why they run. The third runner is Laura Lawaetz, Digital Editor at Elle and blogger at

“I run and work out a few times each week. When I work out I am hard to myself. When I run I disconnect from the world around me and empty my mind.

I always run when I travel. It’s a great way of discovering a new city. There’s nothing better than arriving in a new city or a new borough, put on your shoes and take 5k to get to know your surroundings a bit. It’s incredible to run across Williamsburg Bridge or through Central Park in New York, or along the Seine or in the Tuileres Garden in Paris.

I think I’m faster than most girls. I don’t count minutes and seconds obsessively, but of course I’m interested in my average speed and distance. I guess I’m a bit competitive in that sense.

Running gives me a break. It clears my head and makes me feel better about myself. I always do it in the morning so I don’t have to think about it during the day. I’m not a long distance runner, I always keep it between 5 and 10k. I’m not really challenging myself, I do it solely because I enjoy it. It’s always a better experience to run when you are in shape, but the thought of the satisfaction after the run gets me going every time.

My greatest motivation? New running clothes, haha.”

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