From the early mornings to the long afternoons and well in to the dark nights. Running keeps us awake and alive, constantly nurturing our brains with fresh thoughts, grand ideas and a hunger for more. We do not run against the clock, nor do we run to go faster. We run to brighten our minds and fuel the free thinking that inevitably happens when the asphalt disappears under our feet and the city lights pass by one after the other.

In connection with the launch of our most recent collaboration, running apparel created together with the great team at Saysky, we have asked three avid runners about why they run. The second runner is Emil Wilk, creative soul and frontman in M.I.L.K. We suggest you listen to his amazing soul track ‘If We Want To’ while you read about why he runs:

“I rarely run alone. I run with friends or collaborators when we need to discuss something. Running slowly, I find it much more rewarding to to be able to discuss something instead of looking at eachother from the other side of a table. Coming up with ideas is easier when I don't force it – so running and talking about things with collaborators tend to work better for me than sitting in a office just looking at each other until something great reveals itself. Running together makes it a dynamic experience, not a static one which it can easily be when you work from an office. 

I think running is a great way to become a part of your city. Copenhagen is an amazing city for running. The city almost begs for it. I run to the harbour baths and swim in them. I run to Strandvejen near the ocean. I run around the lakes. In Fælledparken. Copenhagen has everything on offer but not that many people which makes it feel a bit like a village. You can always take a turn and enter a quiet street. I don’t think I know a person who doesn’t run.

I love running and I love how it makes me feel. I don’t get runners high, but when I’m out there I tend to forget myself because it’s just about my body moving forward. I run when I feel like it. Because I like it. I used to play lots of football when I was younger so exercise for me has always been a desire, not a duty.

I’m not a long distance runner. I run until I don’t run anymore. I never wear a watch, I don’t know how fast I am and I’m not interested in learning about it. I see running more like an activity such as having coffee in a cafe or meeting with a friend. If I was a professional, I would have approach it differently. But I’m not. I just run.”

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