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Some consider The Palads building just another structure – Others consider it a jewel in the Copenhagen cityscape. Some believe The Palads building should be torn down and replaced by yet another sparkling high-rise – Others believe Poul Gernes’ colorful building should be preserved.

We believe we should look after The Palads building: #PASPAAPALADS

We consider The Palads building a boisterous building, demanding well-deserved attention by the city surrounding it. The Palads building dares to be something that other buildings dare not – and this is what we have to preserve.

The Palads building evokes a sense of surprise and wonderment in its audience. It exemplifies how new and old, tradition and modernity symbiotically create an impressionable imprint in its audience and the city surrounding it.

In a collaboration with Gernes-Fonden, Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen has designed a #101 t-shirt, knitted in Ikast and sown in our design studio in Korsør. The colour design has been created by Ulrikka Gernes, daughter of the late Poul Gernes.

The profit is directed towards a competition about the shaping of the future purpose of The Palads building. The competition is organized by Gernes-Fonden as part of the exhibition COPENHAGEN, LOVE & CANDYFLOSS shown at Copenhagen Contemporary during Autumn 2021.

#PASPAAPALADS – Copenhagen will never be gifted with a building quite like this.


Best Regards

Ulrikka Gernes and Mads Nørgaard
Copenhagen, March 2021