Nørgaard fireworks

Nørgaard fireworks

As a part of the celebration of Tivoli's 175th anniversary, Mads Nørgaard has been granted the honor of curating the garden's magnificent firework-show, all saturdays in May at midnight. 

From May to September 2018 Tivoli will host the fireworks show, which will be curated by five Danish artists. In collaboration with Tivoli’s Fireworks Master they will curate their own firework-show and choose the accompanying music. 

Mads Nørgaard's fireworks show can be experienced in Tivoli every Saturday in May – the first time will be Saturday May 5th at 11.45 pm.

You can find the music from the fireworks show HERE.

Nørgaard Fireworks in Tivoli from Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen on Vimeo.