My Summer: Ida Lærke - Digital creative

Where to go?
We are going to Sweden. We are borrowing an apartment in Stockholm from our friends. And then we are going back to Rørvig as always.

What to do?
We try to combine activities that are fun for both grown-ups and kids. Our kids are 6 and 2, so obviously they are in focus. Usually we hang out in parks, eat ice cream and go to museums. We are going to the incredible Gunillaberg park in Småland where the artist Tage Andersen has created a unique garden and landscape. And then we are going to Astrid Lindgren’s world, which is supposed to be quite an experience as well.

What to eat?
Strawberries. And lots of vegetables.

What to drink?

What to read?
Lots of books. ‘The Neapolitan Novels’, a 4-part series, by Elena Ferrante. And ‘Mørkt Forår’ by Unica Zürn.

What to wear?

Where to swim?
Rørvig, where I grew up and where my parents still live. We visit every summer. I love it up there and could easily see myself move there one day. My parents live on a large farm with room enough for everyone, which is also the reason we can spend weeks on end without getting on each others nerves.

What to listen to?
I’m a bit slow, but I just discovered the podcast ‘Album’ by Kristian Leth and Ralf Christensen, and it’s excellent. I just listened to the one with Brian Eno, and I love how they approach the record from all angles. The one with Björk is also worth a listen. I’m a massive Björk fan.

What to avoid?
Nyhavn on a sunny day.

What no to run out of?
Books and music. And sun lotion.

Phone on or off?
Off. Sort of.

Most important difference between holiday and every day life?
To be a family on a much more serious level. We find new ways to be together. Last summer we went to Sicily for two weeks and became close in a whole new and different way. I enjoyed that a lot. In our every day life I often long for the moments where we leave the normal days behind.

What’s waiting on the other side of the holiday?
Heartland Festival 2017, new projects and managing my work life as a freelancer.