Andree Wendel Hoxfeldt - DJ and stylist, 28

Where to go?

I have a busy summer ahead of me: I’m going to Florence with my family, maybe to Roskilde Festival if the FOMO kicks in (and I’m afraid it does), to London to see the Beyoncé concert, to a small island in Croatia called Mljet with a group of friends in a rented house by the water, and to Berlin to the YO!Sissy Music Festival. Plus, I’m looking at tickets to San Francisco in August at the moment. Oh, and I’m also going to Funen in the middle of it all.

What to do?

Get drunk, be cultivated, relax and party.

What to eat?

Lot’s of seafood.

What to drink?

Aperol Spritz. And if I go to Roskilde Festival, of course a warm beer.

What to read?

The queer club Chapter 10 in London recently launched a book club that I joined. The first book we’re reading is called ‘Dancer from the Dance’ by Andrew Holleran, and I’m looking very much forward to that.

What to wear?

As little as possible. And my red Speedos. I also bought a pair of Speedos in leopard print, but they were made of mesh and I think they are a bit over the top.

Where to swim?

I love the spot behind Fisketorvet in Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen. The sun stays there all evening, I live close by, and Medina is always there!

What or who to avoid?

I’m avoiding sharks. Shark attacks happen every once in a while close to the place we are staying in Croatia, and I’m super scared of sharks. My fear is completely irrational, but even in a pool I always sense that they’ll bite me.

What to listen to?

I just did a podcast for Politiken with Lucia Odoom and Josefine Winding where we talk about summer hits. The summer hit this year will be ‘One Dance’ with Drake. The ultimative summer hit is Hercules and Love Affair with ‘Blind’.

What not to run out of?

Sun lotion. Aperol Spritz. Wifi.

Phone on or off?

Always on. Always snapchatting.

Most important difference between holiday and every day life?

I’m still studying, so the difference isn’t that big. The greatest thing about summer is that people are free, you want to be outside and you meet up with friends all the time. And people just look better.

The best ice cream?

I would like like to try the new ice cream with alcohol in it before someone bans it.

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