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My favourite place in Copenhagen is Cafe Dyrehaven. It’s a cafe that I love and love to hate. It has everything that you would expect from your average hipster spot, and every Copenhagener has an opinion on it. Dyrehaven has just the right hipster vibe. And I like it.

I’ve lived on Sønder Boulevard for seven years and I’ve been going to Café Dyrehaven for at least five. In the beginning I went because it was close to where I lived, and then it just continued to become my extended living room.

I’m obsessed with their chicken salad on rye bread. And in fact, together with a ginger shot and black coffee, it’s the only thing I ever order when I’m there. Except from beers of course.

In recent years I’ve been studying and working a lot from home. Dyrehaven has served both as a place for meetings and a place to take a rest. Occasionally, the mornings at Dyrehaven are quiet and good for work, but as soon as the lunch rush sets in it gets too noisy to work there.

I like the fact that I can be there for an entire day with my friends or just stop by, eat, have a coffee and be on my way 40 minutes later.

One of the main reason to go is that I can bring my dog, Winston. It’s nice to stop by when I’m walking him. Unlike other establishments he’s allowed in there.

From Thursday to Saturday the mood rises, but it never gets too rowdy. You don’t see anyone dancing in there. But it’s a place where you can always squeeze in an extra friend, there’s always room for one more. It’s lovely.

Dyrehaven is a cafe I’ve been using for all sorts of things. Friends and their broken hearts, the inevitable Aperol Spritz, celebrating my bachelor thesis, birthday breakfasts and so on. Every Friday I work from home and my boyfriend and I have made it a tradition to eat our lunch at Dyrehaven. I order the chicken salad, of course.

Cafe Dyrehaven
Sdr. Boulevard 72
1720 Copenhgen V