Overwhelming Craftsmanship

Overwhelming Craftsmanship

The Danish novelist and manuscript author Morten Pape has recently released his second novel, "Guds Bedste Børn". Morten was born and raised in Amager and both his novels are based on his upbringing in Urbanplanen in Copenhagen. We tagged along when Morten visited one of the places that inspire him during the at times tough writing process - Thorvaldsens Museum - on a cold autumn day. Wearing our new down jacket.

Describe how you work and where you find inspiration for your work.

I have no romantic or particularly high-flying thoughts about what I'm doing and therefore I also consider my being an author a regular job. That is, I follow completely normal and stringent work routines where I leave the apartment every morning and clock in at the office no later than 9:00 AM, write for seven to eight hours and then return home to the apartment. Most writers will say the same because they know how important it is to create completely safe frameworks and routines about one's workflow. The better and clearer routines you have set yourself, the less prone fear and writing blocks are to report their unannounced and unpleasant arrivals. But in between, of course, there are days where things do not run smoothly, and then it is important not to fall into self-pity, but immediately do something to correct the mishap. Some of the best things you can do in this regard is to seek inspiration. In my case, it's a lot about reading other people's works or peeping the tricks from someone else's movies. Both the classical masters and the provocative and groundbreaking of the kind. I also like to go for long walks with music in my ears without real destinations and goals - other than to air my head a little. And as a modern writer with thousands of potential distractions in the form of digital gadgets or impressions from the focal points of the world, it is sometimes both awe-inspiring and creatively inspiring to visit, for example, Thorvaldsen Museum and to discover what ailment and dedication existed for artists in the past. Their uncompromising sense of detail, the overwhelming craftsmanship, the time and patience you must have had to complete the work. For example, when you hear a little about the method of copper stitch paintings and look carefully, you can only admire it and not least immediately want to cancel your own petty conscience about ones own lack of dedication.

Describe your wardrobe and what you look for when buying clothes.

It is very black and gray. It's no statement, it's probably just an unconscious preference. I grew up in a tough residential area in Amager and I am a child of the 90's and 2000's hip hop, so I probably wear a little more loose fitting and baggy clothes than most of my author colleagues. Leonora Christina Skov once told me during an event that I looked a bit like a rapper and it was a big compliment to me. However, I'm not too cool to wear a shirt or a nice coat every once and again. And that is probably about time now that I have turned 30. In addition, I'm crazy enthusiastic about the fact that 90's fashion has returned, because now I have the legitimate right to dress in all the clothes we could not afford when I was a child. So these days I partake in a little bit of a "clothing-revenge" on my childhood. But I will never wear Buffalos again, so don't worry.

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