A new year is upon us. And amid your hangover, ski jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the many resolutions, the first month of 2017 is also filled to the brim with great stuff to do, drink and eat. Without further ado, here are the best things to spend your time on throughout the month of January.

Hamburgers on the island
Competition is fierce when it comes to burgers in Copenhagen. However, the grease-loving hearts of all the people on Amager are still up for grabs, and now Rasmus Oubæk and his ambitious burger venture is making moves on the island. Come January, Jagger is flipping tasty brugers and serving Frozen Daiquiris on Amagerbrogade.

Jagger Amager
Amagerbrogade 128
2300 København S

Michelin Stars for a Good Cause
It’s no secret that Geranium is among the finest eateries in Copenhagen. Now the heralded restaurant is opening its doors for a very good cause as the humanitarian project, Rodløs, is back for a second time. Behind the project is Geranium chef Artur Kazaritski and sommelier Damien Aherne. This time, they are treating good-hearted food lovers to 13 dishes and a wine pairing with all proceedings going to Børnecancerfonden. Book your table before it’s to late.

Rodløs at Geranium
January 29.
Per Henrik Lings Allé 4
2100 København Ø

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
There is a young man on the rise in the Danish movie industry. His name is Fenar Ahmad and January marks the premiere of his second movie, Underverden. Fenar Ahmad set the tone for a new era in Danish cinematography with his debut movie Ækte Vare back in 2014. Now, he is back with an intriguing and ambitious story about a doctor who goes to the criminal underworld at night in order to revenge the death of his brother. We applaud Fenar Ahmad and welcome the originality he brings to the Danish movie scene.

From January 19.
In cinemas across Denmark

Science is Cool
It’s been a while, but the new Experimentarium is finally ready to welcome curious minds of all ages. On January 26, the grandiose new science center is ready to exchange its temporary location in Papirøen for their old address in Hellerup. This adventurous playground is the perfect place to harness your inner child. At least for one day.

January 26.
Tuborg Havnevej 7
2900 Hellerup

Farewell to an icon
Thirsty Copenhageners with an acquired taste for rock’n’roll music and leather jackets are going to be short a watering hole come January. The legendary Drone Bar on Nørrebrogade is raising the white flag and closing its doors after nearly 10 years as a cultural anchor in Nørrebro. The party ain’t over until January is, so head to the old pharmacy for a guldøl or two, and make sure Drone goes out with a bang. Cheers and thanks for all the fun nights.

Nørrebrogade 184
2200 København N