We at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen have a deep love for crafts that keep clothes alive for generations and for silhouettes that invite everybody to join in. 

We at Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen have a deep love for crafts that keep clothes alive for generations and for silhouettes that invite everybody to join in. 

So say welcome to our new knit, Sailor Wool Cast & Sailor Wool Cass.

Because as Mads Nørgaard says: 

“We are proud to be producing our 101 T-shirt in Denmark, and now we can also offer heavier knit that is also produced in Denmark. It has long been costum to flat knit in Denmark but subsequently, for financial reasons, to sew the parts together abroad. We are proud to be able to offer a small collection of timeless knit that is both knitted and sewn in Denmark. Please welcome Sailor Wool Cass & Sailor Wool Cast.”

So the fine merino yarn is first knitted and then sewn together. Both at a small factory in Isenvad in the heart of Jutland. 

Here the knitting tradition is well preserved by the passionate owners, Jesper and Sonny, who have acquired knitting machines to keep the processes from A to B gathered in one place and thereby keeping the production of knit local.  

The design, on the other hand, should transcend most: 

“We wanted to create a timeless knit that could talk to alle genders. The yarn is 100 % merino wool and the knit is inspired by an old vintage military sweater with a very tight rib pattern. This first version is made in our characteristic black and white Broadway Stripe,” say Laura Nørgaard and Paw Hansen, the designers of respectively the women and the men collection at Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen.

To handle the knitting machines and the techniques have taken years to master and therefore Jesper and Sonny hope to be able to expand their team so that the knitting traditions and the craft can be preserved and continued. To make each individual piece if knit takes about two hours. From the preparation of the knitting machine to the completion of the knit pieces. Which are all then steamed and handed over to the seamstress who sews the finished result together. It is a process that takes time and accuracy. All the steps in the process need careful attention from both the hands and the eyes of the two knitting experts. And they get that attention. 

We are proud – once again – to be working together with Sonny and Jesper and their team on a knit that is made in Denmark.

Explore the new striped knit Sailor Wool Cass & Cast Sweater here.