Klint & Bro

Klint & Bro

Behind microbrewery Klint & Bro are two young entrepreneurs, Eddie Klint and Louis Bro, who in a few months will be expanding with their own eatery and bar in Nørrebro. Here you will, among other things, be able to taste their kombucha - a beverage full of probiotic bacteria brewed using a living culture to be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic alternative to cider or beer.

We met Eddie and Louis at their new premises in Nørrebro. Eddie is wearing our new 'Tractor' Fleece sweater, which can be bought HERE. 


How did Klint & Bro start?

The foundation of Klint & Bro is the idea of brewing the best beverages possible from the best ingredients available. We started Klint&Bro just over two years ago after we had tasted kombucha abroad and both thought it was quite brilliant. A tasty bubbly beverage, full of probiotic bacteria and brewed using a living culture - it's just too delicious. Our ambition was to take kombucha to a level where it could be compared to beverages such as beer, wine and cider - despite the fact that it does not contain alcohol. We therefore decided to start brewing kombucha in the hope that others would realize the potential as an alcohol-free alternative to serve with food. It has since then proven to be a great succes. We have been extremely busy delivering bottles to various restaurants in Copenhagen ever since.

We have been wanting to open our own place for a while now. A place where we can brew and serve our drinks directly to friends, family and whoever else would drops by. That's why we will open Klint&Bro - Kombucha bar & kitchen in early 2019 at the corner of Tagensvej and Vølundsgade. A beautiful little corner in an otherwise forgotten part of Nørrebro.