The Story of a Knit

The Story of a Knit

Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen has always found great inspiration in work clothes. Like our 'Janus Jacket', inspired by the practical thermal jacket from Kansas. But the love for workwear also applies to our 'Klemens Knit' series of knitted wool sweaters inspired by the Danish fisherman- and sailor-sweaters.

The very recognizable pattern was invented in order to allow air in between the body and the sweater so that it could hold on to the heat. A technique that is used worldwide in different variations. Our version of the fisherman-knit has been a regular part of our collections since 1986.

The Mads Nørgaard Klemens sweater is knitted in Denmark. On the knitwear factory MP Knitwear ApS, which is situated just outside of Ikast. Here it is, among others, Tage who is watching the machines. It was Tage's parents who started the factory back in the day.

The new 'Klemens Five' is an updated version of this well-known sweater. It is produced in an extra strong five-roped wool, which delivers a delicious, thick quality.

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