Café Slusen

Café Slusen

Ole Geisler, 60 

Describe your work and the projects you are working on?

I work as a director and project developer at Slusens Bådbyggeri, where we primarily build houseboats. But through the years, many different little projects have been realized at our address. The last thing we have built is this small café where we serve canned fish from Spain and Portugal and where we have a nice little selection in nature wines.

How would you describe your wardrobe and what do you look for when buying clothes?

In a sense, my clothes mean a lot to me. I am never indifferent as to what I'm wearing and I do feel bad at times if I am wearing a specific shirt - without being able to tell you exactly why. But then, I have also been carefully and thoroughly guided by the three women in my life - my wife and my two daughters. They are very aware that they should not be seen in public with "something" they cannot condone. If I look back on my wardrobe in a given year, I will most likely have used a pair of shirts, a pair of T-shirts and a woolen sweater. And then I just cannot let my Levi's 501's go. That's been the case for 40 years! A suit or two is also ready for the occasion.


Ole is wearing our thick woolen shirt, Tomra Sula. This maritime-inspired overshirt is perfect as a transition jacket in the fall and as an extra layer during winter.




Visit Café Slusen at Ved Slusen 34, 2300 Copenhagen S.