Mads Nørgaard presents an reenactment of the Polish born artist André Cadere and his nomadic presence in the European art world with his Barres de rond.

The phone rings…

Claus Due; Hi Mads, this is graphic designer Claus Due. We’ve never met, but I’ve had this Hommage a Cadere idea for a while, and now I’m moving to a new studio and am just about to throw out my sketches, so I thought I better call you – what do you think?

Mads Nørgaard; Who’s Cadere, I asked.

CD; Andre Cadere, the Polish-Romanian artist who walked the streets of Paris in the late 1970s with a striped wooden rod, usually wearing a striped T-shirt. Remember?

MN; Nope, never heard of him, but it sounds great. Art and stripes, I love it.

CD; I think we should re-enact it, re-perform it, wouldn’t that be great?

MN; Sounds great, let’s meet.

We met, and the final outcome of that meeting is a part of what you’re looking at now. With the help of good friends and brothers and sisters (in arms) this Hommage a Cadere has come true. We are tremendously happy and proud.

Professor Martin Erik Andersen of the Royal Academy of Arts listened enthusiastically and pointed us towards Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen for the re-enactment. Lilibeth accepted the task, immediately pointing out the phallic aspects, artist FOS (Thomas Poulsen) produced a fabulous rod and photographer Sascha Maric agreed to do the photos. Rector of the Royal Academy of Arts Sanne Kofod contributed with a text on Cadere and the art of performance and re-enactments, while Ingar Dragset of artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset wrote about the importance of performance art in the world of today.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen re-performed the homage for a photo shoot in September and then again for the official launch of the paper November 14 at the NØRGAARD store. Click here to view the paper.

Honouring the spirit of Cadere and the anti-materialism of his work, the rod will be returned to FOS and chopped up by him. We hope you will enjoy reading this tribute as much as we have enjoyed producing it and we hope to see you at NØRGAARD for the re-enactment  

Mads Nørgaard
November 2014