Alexis Mark

Alexis Mark

We visited the Copenhagen based design studio, Alexis Mark, that consists of Kristoffer Li, Marie Grønkær and Martin Bek. 

Alexis Mark does graphic design and creative direction working with clients in the arts and culture. 

Alongside the design studio, the team has been running the exhibition and project space Annual Reportt. In this space they curate and arrange exhibitions, talks, concerts and other events with artists from Denmark and abroad. 

Alexis Mark have designed a series of new logos for our Spring collection - here the team wears 3 different logo styles from the collection.  
In the designing of the new logos for our Spring collection, Alexis Mark worked with thoughts on how nature and the fashion industry affect each other. Most of the designs are built on typographic experiments that draws abstractions over the brand name Mads Nørgaard and illustrative motivs from nature. 

We are very proud to have been working with Alexis Mark and we are excited to show the new takes on our brand logo. 

You can follow the work of Alexis Mark on Instagram @office.alexismark and through their website.

Get the logo styles here: navy blue T-shirt, purple sweatshirt, light grey sweatshirt.