At every desk in the Mads Nørgaard office is a Kevi desk chair. Thats the way it’s been since Mads’ father Jørgen Nørgaard had his daily rounds at the office, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

The Kevi chair is both functional and beautiful. It blends in perfectly with the office art, the racks of clothing, the plants and even the modern height adjustable tables.

In Mads Nørgaard terminology, the only thing the chair is missing is stripes. And for that exact reason, Mads Nørgaard has teamed up with Engelbrecht, the manufacturer of the Kevi chair, to create a striped version of the modern classic. The Kevi chair has been upholstered with a striped wool fabric designed by Mads Nørgaard and Kvadrat and it will be available in two different versions; with and without fabric on the backing.

“I’ve always been enthralled by the combination of functionality and design, a fascination that’s also on display in my own work. The Kevi chair has proved it’s here to stay, and this durability is something we try to bring into our own designs as well. The only thing the Kevi chair needed was stripes.” - Mads Nørgaard

The Kevi chair is designed by architect Jørgen Rasmussen back in 1958 and has since been sold in more than 2.5 million units. Apart from the perfectly simple design and great functionality, the chair is famous for its revolutionary double rolling wheels. 

The Mads Nørgaard x Engelbrecht Kevi chair is available on now.