#101 Of The Month - May

#101 Of The Month - May

The Paris-based photographer Louise Le Meur once again takes us to the quarantine Paris for the May #101 journal.
Normally Louise shoots analogue photos, but since the city has been locked down she has not been able to get her films developed which is why Louise has used her iPhone and video camera again to capture this month’s #101 journal.

For the May journal we are visiting the young women, Melodie and Edwina, wearing the #101 T-shirts. Find them in physical stores.
After spending a month quarantining with their families, Melodie and Edwina have moved in with a couple of friends to the apartment of Melodie’s boyfriend - A spontaneous lockdown collective. Now the five friends are spending time together doing creative projects, dancing, making music, reading, cooking, and trying to imagine a new world on the other side of the quarantine. 

Louise has photographed the two young women on their balcony - with a two meters distance which makes the zoom effect on the cameras very efficient. While enjoying the sun on the balcony they had a brief chat about their thoughts and dreams on how it would feel to be by the sea - what if the other side of the balcony was in fact the ocean?

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