#101 Of The Month - April

#101 Of The Month - April

This month we met up with Louise Le Meur wearing the iconic #101 T-shirt. Louise is the photographer behind our monthly journal "#101 Of the Month" in which she normally captures personalities wearing the #101 T-shirt in different locations.

However in these challenging times with limited possibilities Louise has turned the camera to herself and documented this month’s #101-story through the lens of her Iphone and video camera.

It is with the alias “Tender Louie”, Louise is expressing and capturing the feeling of tenderness, trust and beauty when she is behind her analogue camera to photograph and film her art projects.

Louise who is half Danish and half French, takes us to her tiny apartment in Paris where she spends time inside wearing our #101 T-shirt in one of the new Spring colors.
Right now Louise enjoys every ray of sunlight from her balcony and dreams of a brighter future spend outside in company of friends and family.

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