Nicklas Skovgaard

Nicklas Skovgaard

We went for a visit with 24-year-old Nicklas Skovgaard who works as a stylist for the interior and furniture company Hay. Both Nicklas' wardrobe and decor are very complex and interchangeable, and consist of vintage shop scoops and new items. Nicklas was wearing our yellow Poker shirt and our yellow Koster knit

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I work very visually with everything I do. I work as a stylist for the furniture company Hay, at their office in Copenhagen. My work consists of ie. setting up Hay stores around Europe. Therefore, I also have some travel activity where I visit the shops and create the styling of the individual shop. In addition, I work as a freelance stylist with clothes at photo shoots when I can find the time. However, most of my time is dedicated to furniture, rooms and decor, which I find very exciting and inspiring.

My decor is very complex, so it can be difficult for me to make a precise description of it! But, as a starting point, I own furniture and objects that appeal to me and I want to look at every day when I get up - and, of course, also serves a practical function in my home. But if I'm going to try to describe it anyway, my decor reflects me a lot and what I think is great in the moment, and so I mix second hand stuff with new things. I do not have a red thread I follow. I'm far more guided by what I feel for each item. Some may think it seems a bit chaotic, but it suits me and my way of living, extremely well! So, in a way, my decor can be described as being very personal. I think it's nice that the things I surround myself with in my home have a story or significance to me. Most importantly - I feel happy when I look at them and see my friends hang out in my apartment!

Just like my interior, my wardrobe is also very complex and guided by what I think of each and every thing. I buy a lot of used and mix it with new things, and therefore my wardrobe and what I buy is a bit of a mixed plate - from pointed cowboy boots to yellow plastic sandals. I think I would describe my wardrobe as very versatile (and according to my friends - sometimes more or less schizophrenic and periodic). My way of dressing is very much determined by what I think is nice at the time, and for the moment I think that little knitted vests with a shirt underneath is very sweet and next week it's probably something else. I do not want to be locked into a particular style, but rather dress in what I feel for - that just makes the most sense to me!