Copenhagen from Home

Kopenhagen ist unser Spielplatz. Wir lieben es, jeden Ort davon zu erkunden und Teil des Stadtlebens zu sein. Aber trotz aller Möglichkeiten, die die Stadt bietet, ist das Zuhause unsere sichere Umgebung und ein großer Teil des Lebens, das wir in der Stadt führen.

Wir stellen Ihnen unser Copenhagen at Home Journal vor, das den privaten Raum feiert, den wir alle von Zeit zu Zeit benötigen und zu dem unsere in Kopenhagen ansässigen Freunde Jemimah und An beitragen.


An Dinh Vu & Jemimah Duncan



An: 23

J: 24


What do you do for a living?

A: I am studying landscape architecture at University of Copenhagen 

J: I am a model content creator by day designer and hairstylist by night!


What city part do you live in and what do you like about it? 

A: I live in NV which I really enjoy because it is close to both the busy city as well as nature. I find my peace being outside and preferably in natural environment, but I also love the freedom that Copenhagen provides and that my network of friends is close by - that I have the opportunity to go to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, live music etc.   

J: I live in vesterbronx.  I love Vesterbro because it’s approachable and has a welcoming atmosphere, located west of the city center it’s a fantastic cultural hotspot especially in the summer! I love that my neighbourhood is always buzzing with activity, always something to do! aka hip coffee shops, restaurants, live music and parks! Despite the fact that there is always lots to do in Vesterbro, it has a very relaxed pace and laidback atmosphere.


Describe your friendship with Jemimah/An.

A: She is my everything. She is my person. My best friend. I hold my friendship with Jemimah near and dear to my heart. She is the one person I can truly depend on and who has my back no matter what. I have never been good at speaking up for myself and always found myself pleasing others, but Jem has helped me grow in many ways and helped me to be better at putting myself first once every now and then. All in all, you can say that we help and care for each other.

J: He is my son. My brother. My rock. My ride or die. My best friend. He is the one I always call when I am sad, happy, bored or just need a pick me up. My unwavering support system, the one who stands by me through thick and thin, my confidant in every circumstance. He is my rock, providing stability and strength, and in his presence, i feel at home—safe, understood, and truly myself. 



How did you become friends?

A: We met each other around 10 years ago in elementary school in Kolding and ever since then we were inseparable. In that many years of friendship you learn so much about each other as we have matured and grown together. We both had a hard time completely fitting in and found comfort in each other’s friendship. 

J: Back in the day we used to go to the same school. We both where bullied because of our skin colour and just being different from the rest - I remember him getting bullied in school in the hallway, I tried my best to stand up for him and tell the girls bullying him to stop but my Danish wasn’t the best back then. All I could say was stop - the bullies soon left and that is when and where I decided to take this boy with me wherever I go :))


What do you like to do when you are together?

A: We do everything together. Honestly speaking. We have days were all we do is laundry, eat snacks and watch movies. Then we have other days where we are out during so much, like partying or even travelling together. Jem for me is one of the few people who I do not spend any of my social battery by being together - we can spend days together and I will not feel drained which is a quality I cherish with my heart.

 J: Everything and anything. Gossip tihih, make food, go on walks, spa days, movie nights, journaling, dinner parties all around good times.



What’s your connection to your home – describe in details what your home means to you.

A: I love my home. My home is where I feel safe and where I can truly relax and recharge myself. Being able to spend quality time with myself in my home is my pride and glory. There is no better feeling tbh. 

J: Home for me means my family, my home. I live with my two brothers so already I have the home feeling. But what makes it extra special is my room, my safe space with all my little trinkets, incenses, plants- my bed!


Give me three positive words that comes to your mind about being at home. 








What is your morning routine at home? 

A: Recently I have been waking up earlier than usual and with the time before university I make myself a big nourishing breakfast so I can keep my energy up during my long school days. After breakfast I shower and do my skincare then I get dressed which can very much variate from day to day and lastly, I try to head out the door to make it to school in time.

J: Wakeup Meditate for 15 mins Plan my day and journal. Lay my bed and find an outfit whilst blasting bossa nova. My spirits are now lifted. I shower and get ready for the day.



What do you like about Copenhagen and what does the city means to you?

A: I enjoy Copenhagen and I love living here as of now. Copenhagen means the world to me - I love the city and the friends I have here. I will always be connected to Copenhagen, but my dream is not to stay here. My biggest dream of all is to start a self-sustaining small-scale farm with my boyfriend. 

J: I love that I feel safe and at home in Copenhagen. The city is full of opportunities and life! All you need to do is get out there and liveeeee!


Describe your perfect summer day in Copenhagen?

A: Nothing can beat summer I Copenhagen. The best day for me is spending the morning and noon by the water bathing and sunbathing with delicious food. Afterwards I would meet up with my friends for a picnic in a park and by night we would get dinner and drinks or dance to music that we enjoy. 

J: Wow, good memories! Dream scenario: Bestie and I (AN) just had a sleepover. We wake up the sun is shining through our window. We have a slow morning bake some buns and have a homemade breakfast. We then proceed to cycle down to the beach or kanal and hop in. It’s hot hot outside so the water is warm but refreshing! We brought a few beers and some fruit, and decide after the swim we should relax a bit and laze in the sun whilst eating snacks. We then go to my place to shower and get ready for what’s next! We go too the botanical gardens Maby even pick some wild flowers to make a bouquet! Our friends have invited us over for a fancy tapas dinner so once again we go home blast music and get ready for a fun night out!



What is your go to summer look?

A: Jorts for sure. I live in jorts during summer, and I usually style it with a colorful polo or a thrifted shirt together with a pair of sunglasses. 

J: Skirt and a cute top with some loafers Sundresses Jorts and an oversized r shirt I could go on and on…


Favorite spot in Copenhagen and why?

A: My fav spot in Copenhagen is actually our dear friend Freja’s house for sure. Jem and I have spent so many countless evenings together at her house. This is always where the coziest or craziest nights begin.

J: Nørrebro - it’s always lively there, they have the best options for food and drinks! Plus the atmosphere just make you feel like you are on holiday!


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