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Now you can rent high-end fashion styles in Copenhagen thanks to Rentage and Mads Nørgaard

The fashion rental platform Rentage opens pop-up shop Rentage Art Gallery in Mads Nørgaard’s project space GUL Friday November 4th  until December 11TH. The shop presents designer dresses by international brands for rent for a fraction of the original price.

Young entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast Safiya Qureshi established Rentage in 2021 with the mission to combine sustainability and circular fashion. Up to 75% of all Danes own clothes they do not use. Rentage wish to break with this cycle by offering a sustainable and fashionable alternative.

“To me fashion is like art and I love to collect iconic pieces. At the same time, I wish for my wardrobe to be in active use. Rentage has been the perfect solution for my wardrobe. It made it possible for other people to enjoy my collection and I don’t need to get rid of my highly valued treasures,” explains Safiya Qureshi, founder of Rentage.

The rental platform now opens its first physical pop-up throughout November
in the heart of Copenhagen. The shop presents an exclusive selection of dresses from high-end brands, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Jacquemus and Prada, with estimated market prices going up to 10.000 EUR. The dresses can be rented for 10-15% of the original price, and Rentage has already become a favorite go-to for the Copenhagen fashion crowd.

Alongside designer dresses, Safiya Qureshi facilitates art in the shop. Rentage Art Gallery stages the dialogue between art and fashion presenting works by artists, who inspires Safiya just like the iconic fashion designs from Rentage. You will find works by Ava Samii, Sahar Jamili, Mischa Pavlovski, Camilla Skov, Sara Cecilie Miran, Karim Boumjimar among others.

Rentage Art Gallery
At project space GUL by Mads Nørgaard
Læderstræde 14, Copenhagen

Jean Paul Gaultier
Acne Studios
Icon Visions
Christopher Esber
Saks Potts

Opening hours
Thursday: 12 – 6 PM
Friday: 12 – 6 PM
Sunday: 12 – 3 PM

Prices: 3 days rent, 200 DKK-1600 DKK 

About Rentage
Rentage is a rental platform with the mission to offer a sustainable and fashionable alternative to overconsumption. Established in 2021 by Safiya Qureshi, Rentage presents a curated selection of iconic designs from international brands for rent for a fraction of the original price.