Mads Nørgaard and Tal R Join Forces Once Again

Mads Nørgaard and Tal R Join Forces Once Again

Mads Nørgaard and Tal R

We are extremely proud to present our latest collaborative effort. A capsule collection between Mads Nørgaard — Copenhagen and our longtime friend and accoladed artist Tal R, made in conjunction with the latter's upcoming Louisiana-exhibition, Academy of Tal R.

It’s probably safe to say that few artists have had a bigger impact on contemporary Danish art than Tal R. His rare ability to depict ordinary scenes from our everyday modern life in an abstract way, has seen him evolve into one of the most important Danish artists of his generation. This upcoming exhibition at Louisiana serves as both a career retrospective and a collection of new works.

Four of these new works have been made into a mini collection in collaboration with Mads Nørgaard — Copenhagen.

’Tal has been a dear friend of Mads Nørgaard — Copenhagen since the earliest days of the store. Our longtime relationship makes this collaboration even more meaningful, and we are very happy to add our small contribution to his extensive exhibition at Louisiana.’

The output of our creative get-together is a capsule collection consisting of two T-shirts and two sweatshirts. All four pieces feature different prints from Tal R’s upcoming exhibition.

The limited collection is available from our two Mads Nørgaard stores in Copenhagen, in the museum shop at Louisiana and right here in our webshop.