In the Studio

In the Studio

22-year-old Sophie Linnemann is studying textile design at Danmarks Designskole. When she is not studying, Sophie works freelance on projects within the fields of scenography, photography and development of textiles and prints. Her latest project is a collaboration with the new Danish clothing brand Iconvisions.

We visited Sophie in her home and studio in Copenhagen, where she was wearing our new pantsuit. Buy the Camille pantsuit HERE


Describe your art and where your inspiration comes from?

I work in several different media. I feel that over the last few years I have created my own personal universe, which I express through drawing and painting, collage, sculpture and form. I strive to be true to my own aesthetics and judgment. I'm always very inspired by my grandmother. I am inspired by her lifestyle, her energy, her old studio and her collection of art, books and music! I am also often fascinated by characters and moods from movies and books. Especially movies directed by wes Andersson and Sophia Coppola - I think they are very cool because they really manage to create exciting characters and universes.

What do you wear when you work?

I like working in loose and comfortable clothes, and of course something can take some paint splatter. When I work at the press workshop at my school, I always wear a white coat. It's also important that what I wear has some good pockets for my tools and my iPhone - so I can hear music or podcasts while I work. 

Follow Sophie Linnemann on Instagram under her alias @Heste_jente